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the-witch-of-the-full-moon сказал(а): Куда вернуть к жизни? Меня убивает наповал этот голос!!! Щекочет нервы!

Ну, как… вернуть к жизни, хотя бы загробной)))

bedshaped86 сказал(а): LOL the gif is so appropriate not because of Alex's gorgeous face but because the text is in Spanish and it makes sooooo much sense!!!!!!

I just watched an interview to listen to English text. Indeed, gif with much sense!

bedshaped86 to bring us back to life can onlyDefibrillator”)

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bedshaped86 сказал(а): Have you seen that pic I posted of Alex? I dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, Yes! My day started 
with this photo and I had a heart attack…


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the-witch-of-the-full-moon сказал(а): оооо только дошло! Это специально для меня подборка! Самая моя любимая часть Алекса: спина и попа! :) И Фендер за спиной! ммммм

Попу и Фендер я всегда режу с мыслями о тебе)))

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Listen to the preview of song Leaving My Old Life Behind (Exclusive Cover Version) by Franz Ferdinand from the album Late Night Tales Franz Ferdinand

This is the only band which makes covers better than the original
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My answer to any potential boyfriend
My answer to any potential boyfriend

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bedshaped86 сделал(а) реблог этого от torikulikova и добавил(а): Bob has become sassy. Alex is a very good teacher, the best one actually.

And Bob is a very diligent student. Perhaps he was tired to be an angelic Franz ;)

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Epic moment :D

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Alex’ expression

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Alex!

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These hands again…

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You take your white finger… fingers… hands… Oh! These hands

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The other side of Alex ;)

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